Saturday, October 29, 2011

Research & Other things..

The past few days I have been doing a little bit of research. The state I live in has the 8th highest teen pregnancy rate! IN my state there are close to 4500 abortions performed annually! I am personally pro life. Even before we decided to adopt. So reading that really spun me for a loop. I'm not sure how much of that number is teen abortions but its still 4500 too many in my opinion. Everyday (it seems) someone I know finds out they're pregnant. I have people from ages 12+. I wonder sometimes why some people who seem to not have much to do with the children they already have continue to keep having them. I live in a small town where it seems like pregnancy is in the water. There are girls in high school pregnant just as I'm sure there are everywhere and I cant help but wonder why!? In research I have found in teens that have girls, those girls 75% of them will grow up and become teen mothers themselves. Why is this? Statistics show that It's all in how they are raised. Just some food for thought...I've been working on onsies and bibs for our future little one the past few days (gender neutral of course) I can't wait until we find him or her!!! I keep having a dream about a little girl. (not sure what it means) I never get to see her face though :(  Hopefully we will make more progress on the nursery this week! We thank everyone who has been following along with us on this journey! I can't wait until the day when he/she gets to meet all of you!!!! A question I have gotten recently: Do you have names picked out?  Answer : YES!!! But I am keeping them under wraps for the time being!!! :D Thank you to those who continue to pray for us!!!

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