Monday, October 10, 2011

Nursery Update!!!

We are so excited to see the nursery finally starting to come together!!! We picked out paint colors today!!! Of course we can't buy anything for a certain gender because a baby hasn't been placed with us yet. But we have themes picked out for both genders and we have decided on black nursery furniture! I guess I'm nesting which stinks because we don't have a baby to put inside the nursery yet. :/ but we are prepared nonetheless for a child which makes me feel so excited and even more ready to be a mom! We looked at carseats and strollers today too but can't agree on which one to get. Any opinions on safety and quality? We picked up some cute pacifiers the other day too. Its so hard to shop gender-neutral! So much cute stuff for boys and girls!! Still crossing my fingers that we find that special bundle of joy soon! We are ready to give them all the love and attention they deserve!!! We will keep everyone updated with pictures as we finish the nursery, well get the furniture set up and a general layout set up!!! Thank you for all the prayers and kind words!!!!

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