Sunday, October 2, 2011

Letter to Future Baby

Dear Future Baby,

      Hi, I'm your mommy! I cannot wait to meet you and hold you in my arms! I think about you so much and I'm not even sure where you are right now. I know you will be beautiful or handsome, no matter what color your skin, hair, and eyes are! I can't wait to decorate your nursery. If you're a girl of course your nursery will be zebra. We haven't decided on colors yet but I have a general idea. If you're a boy your daddy says your room will be razorback lol. He wants a giant wall mural on all the walls of a stadium and a rug that looks like a football field. (I think he'll spend more time in there than you) lol. We picked out a room for you today. I wish we knew what you were so that I could start decorating. (mommy's a shopaholic) lol you'll learn that soon enough. I promise you will never want for anything. It may come back to bite us in the butt, but hey you're our first. We promise we won't spoil you for too long lol. I can't speak for your grandparents though! I'm not sure what my mom wants you to call her but she will probably spoil you the most! You might not see much of her because she lives a couple hours away but I promise she will still find a way to spoil you! lol Have I told you how much we can't wait to meet you?! lol It's all we think and talk about. I wish we knew when we would meet you. I know I will make a good mommy. Mommy works from home so you will see her alllll the time! Daddy works weird hours so there's not a set schedule for him but I promise he will always make time for you! And on saturdays, during football season boy or girl you will be decked out in your razorback gear sitting on the couch watching football with daddy! We decided today that when you are finally ours we are having a shower for you! We want you to meet all your future friends and mommy and daddy's friends! Hopefully they will all fall in love with you like we already have!! (Even though we don't know you yet) We Love you sooooooo much sweetheart and we cannot wait to meet you! I hope God leaves us to you soon!! Mommy sucks at being patient!!!

                                      Love Always,

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