Saturday, October 22, 2011

A New Day...

Today has been one of those days that I really wonder where our little one can be. I'm so impatient already. It's so hard not knowing when we will find him/her. I just have to keep telling myself to breath and take it one day at a time. But in the meantime it helps (and sometimes hurts) to buy things for him or her. Our stockpile of diapers is getting higher and higher every time I look at it. I will be making alot of his/her's clothing so we aren't really stocking up on clothes. Just mostly sleep sacks and gender neutral things. We finally decided on a carseat as well!!! Can't wait until it comes in!! It's so hard to find swings and things that are gender neutral so we're holding off on those. Still working on the nursery. Part of me wants it to get finished. (as much as can be done until we know a gender) The other part knows that I will be sad once it is finished until we find a baby to put inside.  (sorry about the "feeling sorry for myself" vibe) We've gotten a few tips lately from some people who read our blog (please share with friends!!!) So we'll be looking into that this week. Talked to our lawyer again the other day so that put my mind at ease about somethings. I hope we find our special bundle of joy soon. (Side note) I keep having dreams about a baby girl. (which everyone knows is what I really want lol not that I  dont want a boy, Just prefer a little girl first) But anyways, maybe that is a good sign! It's been a tough day for me. I don't think things like this really affect Cody. I know he is ready to find our baby but he's more patient than I am. Today really made me think about the holidays. This Thanksgiving and Christmas will be our 4th together. (I was pregnant at thanksgiving last year but had lost the baby before christmas) It saddens me to think that we will have to spend more holidays as an incomplete family. I pray we don't, but those thoughts stick with you. I pray we find our baby before the holidays. I know our families are ready to meet him/her! Especially mine!!! All the prayers are much appreciated!!! And thank you again to all those that share and take time out to read our blog. Word of mouth is very powerful!!

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