Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Man's perspective

The man's perspective of adoption is alot like the woman's I suppose. I want children I guess around 2 or 3 but if more come then so be it. We have been through alot in the 2 years of marriage. As you all already know we have lost 4 angels. I know they watch over us every second of everyday. I love our angel babies. One day we will tell our children about our struggle and how the will always have there brothers or sisters watching over them. I think that this blog has helped becca through alot that she's been through the past years and hopefully one day soon I can see her eye's light up with joy when she holds our baby boy/girl. I know she thinks us losing the babies hasn't effected me but it has. I have just learn to trust god and his decisions. It hurts but I know there in a lot better place, maybe a lot earlier then maybe we think but no matter what they will always be in our heart and on our mind. I believe that adoption is a great thing. I wish abortion was illegal because in my eye's it's legal murder. I know we will see our little one sometime soon.  

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