Friday, November 18, 2011

Rant and Update

As it gets closer & closer to the holidays, we get more anxious and feel a little more defeated. This will be our 4th holiday season together and we are still without a child. Some of you may be able to recall in earlier posts that last Thanksgiving I was pregnant (about 2 months, it was our third pregnancy) and that was quite possibly the best holiday we as a family have had together. But I lost the baby about a week and a half later. You can imagine how our Christmas was. (sorry for the little pity party there) Here it is almost another year later and another angel baby lost. We find ourselfs hopeful because God has lead us to adoption but still slightly disappointed because he hasn't led us to our baby or led our baby to us. But we know it will be in his time. On another note, I came up with an adoption shirt design for us that I hope to get done soon that will have our adoption profile website. I will post a pic when it's finished. I find myself more and more like a Scrooge lately when I see moms not taking care of their children or pawning them off on someone else so they can party. Ugh that makes me mad. (Rant over) lol. As far as an update goes, we still get tips here and there from kind hearted people that see our situation and want to help. We just try to stay positive and wake up and pray that today will be the day we get that phone call or email. We really appreciate all the prayers and kind words and a special thanks to all those that give us tips and help us!!!

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