Thursday, November 10, 2011

What We've Learned About Adoption

Someone asked me today what we've learned about adoption. To be quite honest, I never thought it would be me. I'm sure a lot of people feel that way. I always felt like that was plan B. I thought that once I found "the one" all that was left to do was to have a family. We've been married for almost 3 years and after 4 miscarriages, adoption is now plan A. And we're exctatic!!! We know the wait will be worth it to have that little bundle of joy. And although we are not using an agency (long story short we see better things that the money that we would pay an agency can go to ie: college, emergency medical issues things like that)  and we just have our adoption lawyer and it may take a little while longer it's still worth it. The nursery and shopping keep me busy so I pray we find a little one as soon as its ready!! lol wishful thinking I guess.  Another couple questions we get frequently are: Have you tried ivf, iui's, surrogacy or any other means of having your own biological child? The answer for all of the following is: No. We never got cleared by any of our specialists to have ivf or anything like that because the three specialists we went to could never find a "cause" for our infertility. So as it stands we have "Unexplained Inferitilty". We have been on 2 rounds of  clomid and hormone treatments and they helped us concieve but there has never been a reason found for my inability to carry. As far as surrogacy goes, the way we see it, some thing has to be abnormal with us to cause us to miscarry and we do not want to put another woman through that kind of physical and emotional pain. And I couldn't live with myself knowing that it was my fault so here we are looking to adopt. :D  We couldn't be more excited about this journey. Another question we get (sorry for jumping all over the place lol) is about going through dhs. As far as I know the state I live in does not foster to adopt. And you cannot adopt a child that is younger than a year old. You can foster one, but not adopt. We do not have the hearts to take a child in only to have them taken away, so we have chosen not to foster. (Big ups to women that can do that!) We have no preferences ( I get asked that alot too) We don't care if the child we adopt looks like us or has medical issues. ( We aren't equipped to take care of a child with severe special needs though) We will love any child that God brings to us or that God leads us to no matter what. Blood and DNA don't make you a mother. UPDATE: We have gotten a few tips that could possibly lead us to our future child and we have friends that have our profiles and of course our lawyer, so hopefully we will find our little bundle of joy soon!! Thank you to all that continue to pray and inbox me with kind words it means the world!!!

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