Friday, September 30, 2011

What Makes Us Think We Would Make Good Parents?

Some people look at us and all they see is a young couple. Yes I'm 20 and Cody is 23 but that still doesn't change anything that we have been through. Everything has made us and our marriage stronger. I do belive that I was born to be a mother. I love knowing that I have had a helping hand in raising my neice and nephews. Everytime I'm around them my maternal instinct just kicks in. Now I'm definately not saying I know everything. ( What mom does?)  But I am confindent that I know I can raise a child.  I picture myself kissing the boo boos and being overprotective lol. Cody on the other hand lol he's still pretty new to things. He hates changing diapers. ( we keep our nephew michael he's 4 months)  but I guess alot of men are like that? lol  But he loves making silly faces at Michael. I know that he will make a great daddy though. I picture him being a big crybaby when we finally bring our son or daughter home. Cody is very hard working and loves to support us. We thought about buying nursery furniture today but decided against it. We aren't exactly sure just yet about where we would want the baby to sleep. I say baby because we are looking to adopt a baby under a year old. I can honestly say adoption has somewhat taken my mind off of our infertility. We're still checking around for that special little one.  We hope to find him or her ( I really want a little girl lol but I'm definately not picky) very soon!!! We appreciate all the info we have been getting especially from Mrs. Kayla! She's definately helped us out a lot! I updated our adoption profile with more information and pictures so hopefully we will hear from someone soon! Thank you for your prayers!!! I welcome all questions anyone may have!

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