Thursday, September 29, 2011

We have recently done a new adoption Profile: Letter to Birthmother

Thank you so much for viewing our profile!First off, we wanted to tell you how much we admire your courage to choose adoption, we realize this isn't an easy decision for you. We wanted to give you a little information about us and our family. My name is Rebecca but everyone calls me Becca. And Cody is my Husband. We have been married for two and a half years, but have been together almost four years. I really did marry my best friend. We both share a love of children, animals and some sports. We have two dogs that stay inside. A toy chihuahua named Ray and a toy yorkie named Bentley. Sadly we have no children of our own. After years of trying to concieve and four miscarriages we just decided we wanted to be parents and that biology doesn't matter to us, so we have put everything in Gods hands and looked towards adoption! We have really high hopes that we will find a child or children to complete our family. We know that you are looking at this profile because you have made the hard, selfless decision to give up your child(ren). We are happy to send videos and pictures if you were to choose us and we would love to meet with you if you like.
About us:
My name is Becca. I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. I have a little brother and sister. I grew up in a small town. I graduated with honors from my high school and was also a member of several clubs and a cheerleader. I also won a few awards. So I guess you could say I'm a smart cookie. I chose not to attend college right away. But I will be attending to get my degree in business. I own my own business making items for children and toddlers, my neice and nephews are so spoiled thanks to me.  I enjoy my work and LOVE animals, especially my two toy puppies ray and Bentley. I'm very silly at times, but I think I'm a laid back person.I have a kind heart full of love to give. I am a christian. I do belive in God. He has brought us to this decision and I thank him everyday.
  My name is Cody and I was born in Harrison,Arkansas. I'm 23 and will be finishing up my teaching degree and coaching licensure within the next year and a half. I love sports. Just football and baseball. I played in high school in Charleston, Arkansas, where I have been almost my whole life. I also love animals. I have two boxers, Tuff and Trixie. They're outside dogs though. I enjoy taking my nephew to football practice and playing video games with him. I am also a christian. I'm very hardworking and I enjoy supporting and taking care of my family.
We met through a mutual friend of ours and as cheesy as it sounds, it was love at first sight. We share many common interests. We are each others' best friends and love and support each other with everything we do. We got married June 20, 2009 and moved to New Boston, Texas where Cody got a job at a maximum security prison. We missed our families too much so we moved back to Charleston, Arkansas to be closer to them and spend more time with them. Our relationship is based on mutual respect,a great friendship, lots of love and commitment all things we wish to share with a child.
What we would like from adoption and our parenting styles:
We cannot have our own biological children. God has brought us to adoption. We have many friends and family who support us and our decisions. This would be Becca's side of the family's first grandchild and Cody's side this would be number 4. We are looking for the child(ren) to make our family complete. We both want two or three children, but at least one boy and a girl. I know we can provide a safe and loving home. Many have told us we would make great parents from what they have seen of us with our niece and nephews. I will be a stay at home mom. I don't want to miss a moment of his/her life! My business is from home as well. We are very safety concious. Neither of us smoke or drink but that is our preference. There are gates and things everywhere! We do want our child to know that they are adopted from the start. We plan to tell them that they grew in your belly but in our hearts, and that you loved them so much that you chose adoption, we want them to know that it is because of YOU that they are here and that you are very special to us, and when they are old enough if they want to know you we don't mind that at all. We plan to send pictures and videos if that is what you would like. We are very family oriented and have a large support system and can provide a stable, safe and loving home. We were both raised in a strongly structured homes and raised with morals that we intend to instill into our future children.
Thank you:
We want to thank you so much for reading our letter. We hope we answered a lot of your questions and gave you a little insight as to who we are and how much we cannot wait to complete our litte family. We wish you luck on your decision. If you have anymore questions you can contact us. We Cannot wait to meet you!
Becca- (479)965-5998
Cody- (479)965-5999

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