Monday, December 19, 2011

Open Book

I want to start off this blog by saying I'm sarcastic. Lol. Just a fact. And sometimes my sarcasm gets me in some hot water. I'm also very opinionated. But I try not to give my opinion unless it's asked for, or it's something I post on my Facebook. Now, that being said, I have made a personal decision to make my life a semi open book. I most certainly don't do it for attention! I do it because I'm hoping that I can help someone else. While I was going through the grieving process after losing our children I didn't really know anyone else who had been through something like this. I searched online for support groups and books to help me figure out how I was supposed to feel and what was going on with my body. I want to be there for someone and help them through the process or just answer questions for someone whose curious. We also blog in the hopes that maybe it will lead us to our future child. I can't personally see who all reads this blog, but I do know that a lot of people care about what I say. This blog has lead me to a very great group of supportive friends and a lot of new friends who help me along in our new journey. I know I don't know everything and I don't pretend that I do and I'm very thankful for all the people that I met since starting this blog and  I'm happy to have been able to help others and I look forward to helping and learning more! All of you are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much for the support and prayers and kind words!!! Keep them coming!! We can't wait to find our little one!!!!

Part 2:

I stated on my Facebook that life isn't rainbows and sunshine. I'm very thankful that I have this blog as an outlet for my feelings and that I can say what I want/feel here and on Facebook. And I'm glad that all of you reading care about what I have to say! I can't be happy all the time so I'm glad I can vent and have the support of all of my friends when I'm not so positive.

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