Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update & Rant

I'm sorry that there isn't much I can update you all with. I've still been networking up a storm with all of our friends and family. So hopefully soon we will get the call we've been waiting for!!! We're still staying positive!!! Speaking of which my love's birthday is in 2 days!!!! I have been teasing that he is getting old but he's only going to be 24. I love giving him a hard time!

There have been quite a few tragedies in my hometown here lately and I want to give everyone my condolensences first. I pray for everyone affected by all the deaths and I pray things to get back to normal soon!!!

I want to take a second to rant about those that keep popping out kids and not taking care of them. I believe everyone knows someone like this. Everyday I hear a new story sometimes more than one. And it breaks my heart! I hate knowing that we can't bring our own child into this world but yet there are people that keep popping them out and neglecting them or harming them! I won't go much into this topic but I'm especially ticked off about this today! End of Rant! 

Back to networking and party planning I go!!!!

Thank you for the continued prayers and kind words!!! We love you all!!!!

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