Saturday, March 31, 2012

About the Blogger: Random Facts

Through the pain we must find humor. Things are starting to get better so I wanted to share more random (and slightly humorous) facts! I realize a lot of my readers are also Facebook friends but even though you "know" me you don't really KNOW me. So I'm going to share!!!

1. I LOVE CHILDREN!! (Big Surprise!)
2. God and my family are most important in my life!
3. I am a Zebra-holic! You name it, it's zebra!
4. I love Rubber ducks! I have a bathroom dedicated to them!
5. I'm OBSESSED with chocolate!!!
6. I LOVE Naked! Specifically the mango naked!
7. I love my scentsy!
8. I'm very organized. I'm actually OCD about it!
9. I love SVU, KENDRA, Secret life, MIOB, Lizard Lick, Dance moms, and tons of other shows!
10. I was a Cheerleader for 4 years.
11. I own my own business!
12. I'm making majority of our children's clothing! Along with a lot of their nursery decor!(Don't worry I'm making another blog post dedicated to their nurseries)
13. I married my best friend almost 3 years ago.
14. I have a very large, supportive, group of friends!
15. My life is pretty much an open book. (which I despise sometimes, but it's for a good reason)
16. I am constantly making a list for something.
17. I love shopping!!
18. I dislike negativity.
19. I have two of the sweetest (sometimes) fur babies! For those who don't know Rae & Bentley, you're missing out!!
20. I love to swim!!!
21. I love board games!!!
22. I hate fixing my hair.
23. I love PINK (victoria's secret) sweatpants!
24. I love going black friday shopping but only at Walmart and only for movies!
25. I love candy!
26. I love to decorate!
27. I'm slightly addicted to Pinterest!
28. I'm a night owl.
29. Sometimes I talk too much.
30. I voice my opinion even if others don't like it.
31. I LOVE Dr. Pepper!!!
32. I dye my own hair. (with the exception of my highlights, my husband pulls my hair through the cap)
33. I have the sweetest husband EVER!!
34. I dislike roses, but I like the hybrid zebra roses. I LOVE daisies!
35. I don't know what I'd do without my iPhone!
36. I LOVE Matchbox 20
37. I watch Jenna Marbles every Wednesday and we are A LOT alike!
38. I love blue bunny fudgesicles!
39. I have not, nor will I ever "snatch" a baby. ( Long story, I get rude comments from time to time)
40. I hate running.
41. I love to watch cartoons!
42. I hate carpet.
43. I love chick flicks!
44. I'm a dog person. (obviously)
45. I Love Friday's!
46. I hate to fish, unless I'm fishing with the hubs.
47. I hate to do dishes and fold laundry. (but I always seem to be stuck doing them both lol)
48. I love to get massages!
49. I love my "mommy" car!
50. I wear glasses.

Wow! That took longer than I thought it would! lol There you have it, 50 random facts! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me!!! I promise to keep you all updated with the adoption process as soon as we know something! Thank you for the continued prayers!!! We love an appreciate you guys!!!

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