Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Waiting Game

It's been a long journey. Each day seems to be flying by, but our arms are still empty. Today marks 6 months from our last miscarriage. It's been on my mind a lot today, but we've been so focused on networking lately it doesn't hurt as much. Don't get me wrong I still miss all of my angel babies but the pain eases with time. We are staying positive that 2012 will be the year we physically become parents. (WE are already parents in our eyes) We are thankful for each and everyone of you that pray for us and that are so kind! We are so lucky to have not encountered too much drama with our journey. Our journey still continues and we are continuing to pray!!! Sorry there's not much more I can update you with. It's all apart of the waiting game. And those that know me best know that I'm not a very patient person to begin with. So this has been a true test for us, me especially! But keep those prayers coming!! Thanks Everyone!!!

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