Thursday, June 21, 2012

Still Hoping to Adopt!

Sorry I haven't been updating as frequently as I said I would. With planning two weddings and spending time with my baby sister I haven't had much time. We now have one wedding out of the way and I have a little more free time. Now for the update! I get asked all the time if we are still trying to adopt. The answer to that: a big fat YES!! Yes we get a little more discouraged everytime an adoption falls through but we still have hope!! We really appreciate everyone who is still spreading the word about us trying to adopt! Word of mouth is the most powerful way to get word out. We also love all the compliments we get on our window decal with our profile website!!! We hope to find our forever baby soon!!! We are still working on the nursery (pics coming soon) I'm not ready to unveil it until it's completely ready!! But we have decided to plan around a baby girl!! ( so yes I'm very excited!!!) We won't reveal her name until we have her in our arms though. (Sorry to disappoint!!) But we are still stockpiling on gender neutral clothes and diapers etc.  We will definitely be ready when she makes her appearance!!! I'm sorry there isn't much to update but please keep the prayers coming!!! We really appreciate them!!!! Thanks everyone!!!!